How to add a counter to your post_class in WordPress

For the redesign of this site, I wanted to implement various design elements, in particular related to the Responsive Design, made possible by iThemes Builder.

One of those elements is that when visiting the home (blog index) page in mobile view, only the excerpt on the first post is displayed, all other posts are displayed as titles only. Of course, I could have edited the theme file to add a counter, and conditional code to display or not display the excerpt. However, I try to minimise changes to template files, and prefer to use a function, and CSS to accomplish such functionality.

I [...]

A quick look at some new features in WordPress 3.1

Yesterday, Nov. 25, 2010, WordPress 3.1 Beta 1 was released for testing purposes. There's a feature stop, which means that the beta testing period will be used to collect and squash any bugs that are found.

I had a quick look at what I thought were the most interesting "front-end" features, while the most promising backend feature without doubt it the new post-formats.