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vanweerd.com has launched. Page by page content is added or updated. Here in my showroom you will get a brief overview of what it is I do, and can do for you, and what I have done.

I specialise in WordPress support, and consider myself the driving force of online customer support for iThemes as a customer service manager.

I sometimes consider myself an IT dinosaur (others consider me a dinosaur anyway), having started my career back in 1985, working shifts as an operator on an IBM S/3.

IBM System 3

The image shows the CPU, it took huge amounts of space to hold a few MB’s of storage, and all this providing the computing power for a multinational production company. 27 Lucky users, one of them being a printer could enjoy the amazing lack of almost everything.

From there, my career moved to the IBM Midrange platform, and I developed into as AS/400 specialist, programmer, analyst, project manager and business analyst.

I started to specialise in JDEdwards consultancy (now peoplesoft Oracle) before deciding that it was necessary to follow a more altruistic path in my life.

Office in Bangkok

I got involved in Solar Energy projects in South-East Asia. Moving to Thailand and starting up a new life was a challenging and rewarding experience. I have had meetings with NGO’s, businesspeople and ministers in Laos and Thailand, had the privilege to work with amazing photographers and film makers as an agent, I met my wife and we had our daughter there (2003). Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, one of them being de coup d’etat in 2006 and ensuing immigration policies, I find myself back in the old world, where I am currently working and living in the Netherlands, where we were joined by our son in 2008.

And here we are, doing what I enjoy and working independent, finding myself diving deeper and deeper in the cloud, meeting and exchanging ideas with inspirational professionals out there.

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