For an upcoming tutorial on the new menu system in WordPress 3, we need to identify each menu item, so that we can address that in our stylesheet. That way, we can add specific styling to a single menu item, which may be useful if you want to use images or icons in the menu in stead of text links. I haven’t found an easier solution (other than inspecting your site’s html source code once the menu is published), but I would love to get your input.

Navigation menu items have a unique ID, stored in the posts table, using a custom post type nav_menu_item.

To locate the unique ID, open the navigation menu, and either:

  • hover over the dropdown arrow on the right in the header, and inspect your browsers statusbar, or
  • click to open the menu item for details, and hover your mouse over the “Delete” and “Cancel” link. Again, inspect the browsers status bar to find the menu item ID.

The image should clarify:

Retrieve Menu Item ID


  1. Gurdjieff

    Thanks. It took me an hour to find this simple solution. Funny how wordpress forums tend to over-complicate simple issues like this. Now I will experiment with stylizing my menu items.

  2. Abhishek Dwivedi

    You are great! I am searching all over on which table to look at etc. and your pointer to look at hovering “delete” did the trick. Thanks a lot!


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