A quick look at some new features in WordPress 3.1

Yesterday, Nov. 25, 2010, WordPress 3.1 Beta 1 was released for testing purposes. There's a feature stop, which means that the beta testing period will be used to collect and squash any bugs that are found.

I had a quick look at what I thought were the most interesting "front-end" features, while the most promising backend feature without doubt it the new post-formats.


How to replace text links with icon links in WP 3 navigation menus

The new WordPress 3 navigation menus are an excellent tool to design your own menus, mixing pages, categories and custom links. iThemes created video tutorials on how to use the new WordPress navigation in Builder and Flexx theme. The following tutorial will show how you can replace the text links in the navigation menu with images. It can be used for any theme, on any WordPress site running WordPress 3+, but it is based on iThemes Flexx.


Automatically adding content to your WordPress post, page or widget

On many sites these days, you will find a standard text at the bottom of all WordPress posts, for example the one you can find at the bottom of this post.

There are several ways to add content to your post, without having to do so manually. I will discuss three possible solutions, I would love to hear your preferred method, and why.


Page template for iCompany without a grey bar

As requested in this post on the iThemes support forum, here are the instructions to create a page template for the iCompany Theme series by iThemes (these instructions will most likely work for iCar and iRealEstate as well). This template will not have the grey bar and the featured area, and the main content will expand to the right until the right tabber sidebar.