This information is outdated, you can find more in the Flexx theme Codex.

Initially, Flexx was shipped without the additional Page Templates. Once these were implemented, we felt that we could increase functionality, by creating separate widget sections for these pages. That is when the Page widgets where created.

The following image shows the original Flexx setup, widget sections indicated in the Red Box. The additional widget sections that were added when the page templates were added, are in the Blue box.

Flexx Widgets Overview

So all “normal” pages (those using the default Page template), and pages such as the home page, the posts, single post pages, archive and category pages all use the widgets from the Red section.

Pages using any of the Page templates

  • Page with Left Sidebar (narrow layout)
  • Page with Left Sidebar (wide layout)
  • Page with no Sidebars (narrow layout)
  • Page with no Sidebars (wide layout)
  • Page with Right Sidebar (narrow layout)
  • Page with Right Sidebar (wide layout)
  • Page with Split Sidebars (wide layout)

will use the same Top and Bottom widget sections, but different widget section for the sidebar. These are indicated in blue.

So, with that in mind, here’s how the widgets on pages using a Page template are populated:

Flexx Page Template Widgets

In a default and fresh theme installation of Flexx, the option to “Identify Widget Areas” is set to yes. This will indicate on each page where widgets may appear, and what widget section is used.

So we realise that the extra Flex that we wanted to put in Flexx has created some confusion. We also realise that the confusion will increase once you change your theme to another iThemes theme, and then perhaps back to a Flexx theme, or when you change the layout in the theme settings. There may be residu from the previous setup that can create an issue in the new setup. To solve this, the reset options function has been added to the theme settings. Using that function will reset your entire widget setup, so you need to be aware of that.

Reset Theme Options

Other issues:
In some cases, the fancy drag-and-drop in WP 2.8+ will not work as expected. This is a WordPress issue, and to circumvent that, WordPress has introduced accessibility mode

To activate accessibility mode, click on screen options in the right top of your widgets panel, and enable accessibility mode:


Finally, other issues may arise from file and folder permission settings. This is neither a WordPress nor a theme issue, but can cause unpredictable results. I always suggest to install and activate the WP security Scan plugin, and check the scanner settings to identify any of these.

I hope, as usual, this helps a bit.

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